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At Specialist Lift Controls we try to keep control systems easy and friendly.

Rather than rely on the complicated systems abroad or the fixed ways of local suppliers, we have developed a different and unique alternative to lift controls that are not only easier and quicker to use but also more cost effective.

We have full workshop facilities where we can manufacture anything from brackets to complete service lifts. We can resolve any electrical or mechanical problem.

Flex Cards

Worldwide exclusive product in service since 2013

By using a pair of our identical transceivers it is now possible to replace travelling flexes without replacing any or add more flexes without adding any

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Selector Cards

Worldwide exclusive product in production

Using the basic transceiver design a pair connected together via the expansion ports can achieve a ‘selector card’

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Door Drives

Exclusive to lift door operations in service since 2013

When changing a controller, we can interface with the existing door gear or replace the existing motor

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New Control Systems

The first company to replace "new" MRL's control panels

We design and manufacture bespoke lift control systems for small rise buildings. They are predominately used in low budget and low spec. applications.

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